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James Feldkamp

James Feldkamp: How to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an endless battle, with bad actors working to compromise unsuspecting people’s computers. Let James Feldkamp help educate you on how to defend yourself. Keeping your computer, phone, and other devices secure from malicious actors and programs seems to be growing more difficult by the day as new methods are employed. The motives for this malice […]

Jim Feldkamp

Jim Feldkamp Helps Readers Safeguard Their Information Online Through Insightful Cybersecurity Tips

A cybersecurity expert and specialist in international security, Jim Feldkamp holds an insightful perspective on efforts to safeguard information online. Below, he shares with readers a few key tips for protecting themselves against malicious online attacks and securing their private information when using the internet. For years, Jim Feldkamp has worked on high-level security projects, which have […]

James Feldkamp

James Feldkamp Offers 4 Key Tips for Cybersecurity

During his career, James Feldkamp has specialized in international security, foreign policy initiatives, and cybersecurity, helping a variety of establishments safeguard themselves from online threats. To help citizens protect themselves against malicious agents seeking to use their private information for harm, he shares with readers below a few key tips for protecting online activity. James […]

James Feldkamp

James Feldkamp Discusses Recent Senate Bill Aiming to Boost Electric Grid Cybersecurity

James Feldkamp has more than 30 years of Federal government and military experience, specializing in international security and foreign policy initiatives. Having worked on a number of high-level security projects across his career, he shares his insight to the recently proposed senate bill that will encourage stronger electric grid cybersecurity. A bill was recently proposed […]