James Feldkamp on Terrorism and Politics

James Feldkamp

June 14, 2021

James Feldkamp, author of Theory and Politics of Terrorism, is a Commander USN Ret. and holds an M.A. in international affairs. He has a lot to say about how terrorism works and why it’s more than blind loyalty that fuels the cause. From religion to PR to politics, his book explores the roots and interventions that have been used to confront it.

A Better Understanding

Nothing can be done to stop a problem until people understand what’s driving it. Terrorist groups use this mystery to their advantage, allowing them to advance an agenda of their own. James Feldkamp exposes this with careful analysis, framing everything from history to current events to give the reader a new perspective on the matter. From cyberterrorism to counter-terrorism to state-sponsored terrorism, there’s plenty to explore.

To learn more about his theories, visit jamesfeldkamp.co.