James Feldkamp Shares Traveling Checklist to Avoid Stress While Abroad

James Feldkamp

February 6, 2020

James Feldkamp

A proficient traveler, James Feldkamp has learned what elements can make or break a trip and where travelers should place their focus. Below, he shares a quick checklist with readers that will help eliminate major sources of stress while traveling overseas. 


Having worked on international security projects for both the military and the Federal Government, James Feldkamp is a seasoned traveler by most standards. In his experiences traveling across the country and around the world, he’s amassed more than a few tips and tricks to minimize stress while on-the-go. Here, he shares a few of his traveling tips with readers to help their trips overseas go by more smoothly: 


Get Your Passport Months in Advance


“The passport process doesn’t really require a lot of work from the applicant, but it does take a while to process and get sent back to you,” says James Feldkamp


Nothing will put a damper on an international trip more than not being able to go because you waited too long to obtain a passport. Feldkamp advises getting all required documentation filled out and sent in at least six months before your departure date to avoid holdups in the process. 


Pack Light 


Traveling overseas can be an intimidating process that requires transfers and lugging around all your belongings on your back. Because of this, James Feldkamp always suggests packing as light as possible. Chances are, any extra clothes, replacement items, or necessities can be purchased overseas, and he advises packing only what you know you’ll absolutely need and try to get by with minimal luggage. 


Study the Culture and Cities You’ll Visit Beforehand


“It’s easy to get turned around in a foreign city, especially in one where signs and names are all written in a different language than your own,” says James Feldkamp. “If you can, you should brush up on the local language and culture––just to learn the basics––and study the layout of the cities you’ll travel to, taking note of any major boroughs or districts that you can use as landmarks.”


He reminds readers that all this information can be accessed for free on the internet well before your trip.


Cover Your Home Basis 


James Feldkamp says that worrying about something back at home that you have no control over will halt the fun on your entire trip. He suggests contacting the post office to have them hold your mail, finding a reliable emergency contact who can keep an eye on your home while away, and creating a quick means for friends or relatives to get ahold of you if they need to. 


Know Where to Go for Help


“This information can be obtained when performing internet searches on cities and cultures where you’ll stay,” says James Feldkamp. “You should find out how far your lodging is away from hospitals, embassies, supermarkets, and transportation so that you’ll be prepared in case of an emergency. Sticking to these tips will shave off most of the worry and stress of traveling abroad, allowing you to take in new scenery, people, and culture with ease and comfort.”